DESVIEW T12 Foldable Portable Teleprompter

Rp 2.390.000

Garansi : 1 Tahun Bintang Mas

Shipping Weight: 3.00 kg per item
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DESVIEW T12 Foldable Portable Teleprompter

  • Metal teleprompter for DSLR cameras and tablets/smartphone under 11 inches.
  • It is designed for camera video makers to avoid NG and improve efficiency when making videos.
  • The Desview T12 teleprompter was specially developed for DSLR cameras and tablets under 11 inches.
  • Not designed for Phones recording. Sure you can use phone , but please understand that it is not for phones recording.

Portable aluminum case

Desview T12 teleprompter comes with a high quality aluminum case to protect the entire kit for outdoor transport.

Please note that the case is for teleprompter only, please try not to store other devices.

  • 26-layer beam splitter glass ensures clear text prompting, invisible on the camera image.
  • The Blue-tooth remote allows you adjust Speed/Pause, Page up/down controls or change the text & background color.
  • The free app BESTVIEW is offered in app stores, compatible with Android & iOS devices and support intelligent flip function.