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Periode : 12 - 25 Okt 2020

Shipping Weight: 0.56 kg per item
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  • Multi Color Options: Smooth XS is offered in multiple colors that may perfectly match your different occasions and decorate your dynamic life personally.
  • Elegant Curves. Comfortable Grip: The anti-skid pattern on the back and the exquisite curved handle design make it so comfortable to hold.
  • Slide Design. Easy Storage: Innovative slide design. Simply slide out to get started for shooting; and slide back for storage.
  • Hand Gesture Control: In addition to using the joystick controls on the handle, you can also use hand gestures to control the gimbal to take a selfie, or start/stop your smartphone camera, so you don't have to touch any controls.
  • A Gimbal PLUS a Selfie Stick: Though being a truly pocket-size gimbal, Smooth XS can also be extended out with the 260mm telescopic rod, providing the value-added possibility to capture group shots.

Smooth XS: Xtra Fun, Xtra Life

To present your precious moments in a new way. Smooth XS gives you a better choice to record and discover the beauty of life, and helps you intelligently complete the tedious mobile shooting, capture and store the beauty of the moment behind the lens.


Valid Payload : 200±35g

Mounting Clamp Supporting Range : 50mm - 90mm

Smartphone Thickness : 7.5mm - 9.5mm

Extendable Grip : Max 260mm

Following Deviation in Static State

Max: ± 0.04°

Min: ± 0.01°

Following Deviation in Motion State

Max: ± 0.3°

Standard: ± 0.1°

Min: ± 0.05°

Roll Mechanical Range : 268°

Pan Mechanical Range : 290°

Charging Temperature : Max: 45℃

Standard: 25℃

Min: -10℃

Operation Temperature

Max: 40℃

Standard: 25℃

Min: 0℃

Bluetooth : Bluetooth 5.0

EIRP : ≤ 4 dbm

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