ZHIYUN Smooth 5 Gimbal Stabilizer with Light For Smartphone

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Zhiyun Smooth 5 + light

Film Like A Pro
SMOOTH 5 makes cinematic filming with your smartphone possible. The industry-standard 3-axis design allows movements in all angles to be amazingly smooth, even in extreme angles. Take advantage of the full-control panel, paired with ZY Cami app to film all you want, all you do, and all you love.

Extreme Angles At Ease
Industry-Standard 3-Axis Gimbal
A standard 3-axis design with smaller size and convenient axis latches for easier packing.

Magnetic Steel Motors with High Torques
Powerful Motor Performance
Professional magnetic steel motors with upgraded algorithm. The wider phone clamp ensures safer and easier filmmaking experience. Strong compatibility allows mounting a phone even with external lenses.
*The compatibility of the lenses depends on the models. The gimbal may not support smartphones with some of the phone cases and certain all-in-one lenses.

High-Quality Output
Professional Anti-shake
Differ from the anti-shake solution by cropping and suppressing image quality, the smartphone gimbal offers anti-shake performance with high definition, preserving the original video quality of the smartphone. The gimbal enables cinematic and creative movements for the video, providing users an experience to make smartphone films like cinema films.

Double Lights on Both Sides
Magnetic Fill Lighting All Around
*The magnetic fill light is sold separately.

Color Temperature Level Range : 5300K-5700K

CRI : 95

The phone clamp has magnetic contact points on both sides and can be attached with a maximum of two 300-lumen fill lights for 360° all-around lighting.

Smartphone + Gimbal Dual Control
Controls Within Reach
Round-cap joystick, optimized control panel and adjustment wheel provide a better experience for users to check and adjust gimbal status while changing camera parameters on the fly.
Due to different open interface protocols in different smartphone brands, some of the features are not available on Android. Check smartphone compatibility list for details.

Control Wheel + Auto Zoom
Upgraded Dolly Zoom
Zoom & Focus Switch
Achieve Dolly Zoom and Shot Reverse Shot by switching between zoom and focus. Focus and focal length control at ease with control wheel.

Dolly Zoom in ZY Cami
You can also achieve dolly zoom via ZY Cami. Follow the instructions to have the cinematic effect generated for you without complex operation.

*Focus shifting will be available in a later app update.

Movements in Variety
Vortex Mode
Spin around with the 360° vortex mode or expand your vision with the full-on tilt mode.
Other Professional Modes
Other modes including PF, L, F, POV are also supported for your cinematic filming with a smartphone.

Ready, Cami, Action

  • SMART Mode
  • SmartFollow
  • Online Editing
  • ZY Cami Video Editor
  • Live Stream Master
Click for App Details

Filming Non-Stop

  • Min. 2 hours to charge to : 100%
  • Runtime in standby mode can last to : 25 hours

*The data is collected at a specified temperature of 25℃, using a fast charge of 15W above. When the gimbal is working and the fill light is at the highest brightness level, the runtime is 4.5 hours. The standby mode is when the fill light is off and no devices other than a smartphone is mounted on the gimbal.




Operation Voltage
Max: 8.4V
Standard: 7.4V
Min: 6.5V

Operation Current
Max: 3000mA
Min: 70mA

Operation Temperature
Max: 45℃
Standard: 25℃
Min: -10℃

Output Voltage
Standard: 5V

Battery Runtime
Max: 25h
Min: 4.5h
(The data is collected under the below conditions: a specified temperature of 25℃; the gimbal has been balanced and mounted with an iPhone XR (220g). When the fill light is set at the highest brightness level, the runtime of the gimbal is 4.5h. When the fill light is off and the gimbal is under standby state, the runtime is 25h.)

Charging Time
Max: 4h
Min: 2h
(When charging with a 15W Fast Charge at a specified
temperature of 25℃, the charging time is 2h. When charging with a 5V/2A rated power adapter at a specified temperature of 25℃, the charging time is 4h. The actual charging time varies with environmental factors.)


Tilt Mechanical Range
Max: 209°
Standard: 349°
Min: -140°
(including the folded state)

Roll Mechanical Range
Max: 210°
Standard: 300°
Min: -90°
(including the folded state)

Pan Mechanical Range
Max: 180°
Standard: 360°
Min: -180°

Product Size
311*168*52mm (W*D*H)

Product Net Weight (Individual device)
615g (with battery)

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