ZHIYUN Crane M3 Handheld Stabilizer Standard

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Tinier But No Less Mighty

Portable yet professional with great compatibility - That's what describes CRANE-M3 the best. Compact body design and optimized axis arm structure deliver a better gripping and user experience. With the brand new dual-color-temperature lighting and professional audio solution, CRANE-M3 presents an outstanding filming experience in an all-in-one design.

All-New Sleek Design

New color design makes an elegant appearance.

A gimbal with composite materials for excellent gripping experience.

Tiny Body, Mighty Power

M3 comes with compact structure, angled rear motors and optimized axis arms, providing a gimbal that is as tiny as a bottle of water with sufficient room to carry different kinds of cameras for stable and smooth movements.

Quick Release 4.0

Upgraded quick release system for easier balancing, assembly and disassembly. The axis locks with Poka-Yoke design ensure utmost safety and efficiency.

Two-in-one universal quick release plate has reserved an entrance for quick batteries swapping without the assembly/disassembly of the camera.

Built-in Dual Color Temperature Fill Light

Lumen Amplifier technology highly increases the brightness and produces 800-lumen (average) lighting with a 2-c㎡ light source. Even a light source with the size of a little finger could light up a 20-square-meter room. Supports stepless dimming on the color temperature level and brightness using the control wheel.

Multi-functional Expansion Base

  • Built-in receiver at the base can be paired with the transmitter module for wireless control of mainstream cameras via Bluetooth. Compatible with the camera shutter protocol, supports wired function control within the permission of shutter protocol.
  • Use 1/4" threaded hole for expansion with more accessories.
  • 6.5mm audio port supports connection with devices such as wired professional microphones.

Charging and Runtime

Supports PD Fast Charge protocol. Consuming time to fully charge can be minimized to 2 hours. Runtime up to 8 hours. Can be charged with a power bank while operating at the same time.

Quality Backpack

Backpack with different layers for storing the camera, lens and other accessories. Stylish surface with advanced technology and procedure to resist spill.


You can be your whole team. Get multiple selected accessories from ZHIYUN for convenient carrying and professional operation.

In The Box

  • Crane-M3 Stablilizer
  • Mini Tripod
  • Fill Light Filters
  • EPP Carrying Case
  • Type-C to Multi Sony Shutter Release
  • Type-C to Micro Camera Charging Cable
  • Type-C to TypeC Camera Charging Cable

src : https://www.zhiyun-tech.com/en/product/detail/479



  • Operation Voltage
    • Max: 12.6V
    • Standard: 11.1V
    • Min: 9.6V
  • Operation Current
    • Max: 4700mA
    • Min: 130mA
  • Operation Temperature
    • Max: 50℃
    • Standard: 25℃
    • Min: -10℃
  • Output Voltage
    • Standard: 5V
  • Battery Runtime
    • 8h
    • (The data is collected at a specified temperature of 25℃. The CRANE-M3 is fully charged with 1150mAh battery and mounted with Nikon Z50+DX16-50 F3.5-6.3. The CRANE-M3 is properly balanced and put on a flat surface. The maximum runtime is 8h)
  • Charging Time
    • 2H
    • (This test is conducted with a QC-12W rated power adapter at a specified temperature of 25℃ . The charging time is 2h. (QC supports maximum of 12W, PD supports maximum of 12W.) The actual charging time varies with environmental factors. In addition


  • Tilt Mechanical Range
    • Standard: 309°
  • Roll Mechanical Range
    • Standard: 333°
  • Pan Mechanical Range
    • Standard: 360°
  • Product Size
    • 280*74*157mm (W*D*H)
  • Product Net Weight (Individual device)
    • 700g (with battery)

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