MOZA Aircross S Gimbal Stabilizer Camera

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Periode1-30 September 2023

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MOZA Air cross S Gimbal Stabilizer Camera


  • Compatibility Is An Achievement
  • In Praise of Higher Payloads & Real 3-In-1 One
  • A Radically New Composition
  • Stay On Vertical Mode
  • Be Camera Ready
  • Not Just A Bag, Customize the separate storage area and keep away bumps from your devices. Just enjoy DIY
  • Advanced Shooting Mode


The MOZA AirCross S with great power comes great compatibility weighing only 700g and reaches up to 1.8kg payload, allowing for a wide range of camera compatibility and making 3-In-1 better, stronger, and full-featured. 1.8kg maximum payload also drives multiple camera devices simultaneously on one gimbal, delivering stable and smooth camera movement as always.


  • Payload 1.8kg :
  • Weight 750g
  • Size(mm) Unfolded 141.5*261.5*171mm
  • Folded No L Bracket:163mm*255*75mm
  • L Bracket:163mm*315*75mm
  • Phone Size Supported 58-88mm
  • Longest Run Time 10h
  • Battery Battery Voltage 11.1V
  • Battery Capacity 1000mAh
  • Charging 1h
  • Controlled Endpoint Range(°) Pan Axis 360
  • Roll Axis 330
  • Tilt Axis 330

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