FEIYUTECH Vimble 2s Gimbal for Smarphone

Rp 1.050.000

Garansi : 1Th PT Denka Pratama Indonesia

Shipping Weight: 0.80 kg per item
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FEIYUTECH Vimble 2s Gimbal for Smartphone

Extension freely for fantastic filming
Continuation of the classic 18cm long extension pole gives more enjoyment when taking selfies and taking group photos. It gives smart phone a wider frame and the beautiful scene can be easil framed.

Support the built-in camera, easy to record
It supports the built-in camera of iOS and Android system smartphones. Without using App, it can directly control the photographing and recording functions of the built-in camera.

Space vision, ultimate POV mode
Ultimate POV mode is added to realize 360 ° dead angle free transformation and easier rotation follow. Even the complicated and changeable footwork can be easily handled, and more camera angles or fancy footwork can be achieved.

Motor lock design for easy carry
The new physical motor lock can fix the position of the axis, which is convenient for installation and balancing, and also safer and better for packing and carrying.

New smartphone mount, quick witching horizontal and vertical shooting
New design of smart phone mount, quick switching of horizontal and vertical shooting, easy control of various shooting scenes, better experience of taking selfies and live streaming.Connect the gimbal with Feiyu ON App and click the shutter button three times, the smart phone camera lens will switch from back to front quickly.

Face tracking,Object tracking
Tap the screen to lock face and it can achieve face tracking,Touch the screen with your fingers to frame the focus, it can achieve intelligent following with deep simulation to ensure everything is in focus within the frame.

Hitchcock zoom, achieve the movie sepecial effects
Professional App, a variety of shooting modes with special effect such as Hitchcock zoom and time-lapse shooting. The function of gimbal trigger can be customized to meet our personalized operation re. uirements.

  • Hitchcock Zoom
  • Panorama shooting
  • Fast Editing
  • Time-lapse photography
  • Motion time-lapse photography

Long-lasting working time and reverse charging
Support for up to 10-hour working. The Built-in Micro USB port allow you to charge the phone via gimble. With micro USB interface, it supports direct charging of mobile power bank. Both can work at the same time, shoot as long as you want.

Self-adaptive controlSelf-adaptation control algorithm
Self-adaptive controlSelf-adaptation control algorithm reduces the requirement for smartphone balancing while mounting. Sliding arm for quick adjustment and balancing. Gradually shutting down when power off, better protection for your smartphone.

Flexible, convenient and multi-functional
Ergonomic engineering streamline shape, the back TPU package, feels comfortable. The body adopts heat-resistant, low temperature and high-strength material, making it strong and light.

  • Extention Pole: 18 cm
  • Net Weight: 428 g
  • size: 110.5 x 118 x 323 mm

Protection upgrade, EPP foam protection box
Equipped with the latest EPP material packaging box, anti-seismic and heat-resistant, it is more convenient to shoot outside.


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