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Periode : 01 - 30 September 2021

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VLOG Pocket 2

Born to be Tiny

Small and portable, gesture control, joystick operation, zoom control, AI intelligent follow, one key switch horizonal and vertical shooting, direct control of native camera

Anti-shaking, irreplaceable

The smartphone electronic stability can only solve the small wobble, but also loss of picture quality. Mobile phone stabilizer compensate the mobile phone posture through the brushless motor, achieve lossless vibration; you can take a smooth film even in the case of strenuous exercise.

Why "BIG" When You Can be "Small"

No bigger than your palm, but payload 250g, compatible with all branded smartphones.

Portable as Usual

Self-weight 272g, easy to put in your pocket or bags, a must-have for traveling.

Direct Control Native Cameras

No need to connect the APP, you can control the smartphone native cameras.

One Key Switch Horizonal and Vertical Shooting

One key switch between horizonal and vertical shooting mode; easy for live streaming and shooting short videos, build your trending videos.

Shortcut Menu, One Hand Operation

No need to touch the screen, shortcut keys can bring up the app menu, you are able to complete most of the operation by one hand.

All Follow Mode

Get rid of the angle constraint, realize 360° all follow shooting; filter out the jitter, make your shooting smooth even under complicated and changeable mirror line, your creation is not limited.

Object Tracking Mode

Under object tracking mode, you can move however you want to do video transitions and filmming while sporting.

Long Battery Life Meet All Your Needs

Up to 9 hours battery life, and support 1.5h fast charge, meet all your daily or filmmaking needs.

Connect to APP for More Functions

More intelligent functions, such as guesture control, object tracking, one key switch horizonal and vertical shooting.

Guesture Control

Thanks to the video recognition algorithms, you can take a picture or record a video with a simple gesture control, now a person's journey can also be fun!

Object Tracking 2.0, Filming Everywhere

With simple region, the gimbal can follow the target easily and complete the shooting of various scenes such as movement and circling. The new generation of intelligent algorithm makes the following more fluent.