YC Onion 80cm Hot Dog 3.0 Carbon Motorized

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YC Onion Hot Dog Slider 80cm

Battery and Power Bank Power

The motor can be powered by an optional Sony F550, F750, or F950 battery, or by an optional USB power bank, which would connect to a USB Type-C port on the motor. An F550 battery provides up to four hours of runtime, an F750 up to eight hours, and an F970 up to 11 hours. A 10000mAh power bank lasts up to three hours.

Shutter Control

Next to the USB Type-C port on the motor is a 2.5mm DC port for connecting compatible shutter cables (sold separately) for enhanced time-lapse capture with your camera.

Monitoring Screen

The motor has a power button, stepless control knob, A/B buttons, and 1.3" LCD screen that displays the status of select assigned parameters, so you don't need an app to assign and monitor settings for basic A to B motions. The control knob lets you adjust speed and make various selections.

A/B Memory

The assigned A to B travel points are stored in the motor's memory and can be used the next time you use the slider. When these travel points are changed, the motor stores the new settings, replacing the previous ones.

Quick Release Belt

The belt has integrated clips on the end that allow it to be attached to the slider by quick release. An Allen key comes inserted in a dedicated slot on one end of the slider, and it's used to tighten the belt by tightening the corresponding belt screw, which is also on the end of the slider. The belt can be removed, and the slider used manually.

Adjustable Feet

Independently adjustable feet allow you to compensate for uneven surfaces when placing the slider on the ground.

Robust and Lightweight Design

The slider uses lightweight carbon fiber rods and aluminum components mostly everywhere else.

App Compatibility

The companion app is compatible with iOS 11.0 or later, and Android 6.0 or later. It can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.


  • Motor universal, kompatibel dengan slider YC Onion lainnya
  • Koneksi nirkabel bluetooth, kontrol aplikasi
  • Mendukung pengambilan video, selang waktu, ikuti fokus
  • Mendukung pengaturan titik AB
  • Slider max load: 10kg
  • Beban maks motor: 10kg
  • Maks beban vertikal: 2kg
  • Bahan: serat karbon, paduan aluminium

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