SIRUI VSK-5 Video Survival Kit

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SIRUI VSK-5 Video Survival Kit

The multitool for videographers… all in one backpack.

Designed for videographers on the go, tackling anything that comes their way, the SIRUI VSK-5 is a multifunctional kit with 5 big functions to ensure yo’re ready for anything!

The tubes of the rig (Ø15 mm) are made of carbon fiber, so very light, great at reducing vibration and perfectly string and stable.

This whole kit comes wrapped up in a comfortable backpack (46 x 36 x 15 cm), making it easy to transport, and keeping all of the parts well protected and easily stowed away quickly. The total weight of this Video Survival Kit, including backpack is just 6 kg (without backpack 3.8 kg).

The Slider and Dolly can be used simultaneously with the Cage or rig. Only the Cage and the rig share some parts, so cannot be used at the same time.

From the extensive components, the following 5 video tools can be mounted:

  • SLIDER - Video rail for soft and gentle camera movements
  • DOLLY - rolling base great for curves and circular trips (rolling resistance is adjustable)
  • CAGE - for mounting multiple 1/4" accessories
  • LOWBOY - cage with top grip for stunning videos from the worm's-eye view. Also a great stabilser!
  • RIG - shoulder stand for smooth leadership on the shoulder (ideally adaptable)

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