Canon EOS C300

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EOS C300

Leave no story untold

A ground-breaking professional cine camera, EOS C300 fuses Canon’s proven video technology and lens heritage with EOS creativity. Interchangeable EF lenses give unprecedented freedom to tell every story.

  • 8.3MP Super 35mm CMOS sensor; Full HD
  • High sensitivity, low noise
  • Canon Log Gamma
  • Compact, modular, lightweight
  • Seamless workflow integration
  • Interchangeable lens (EF mount)
  • 50Mbps MPEG-2 MXF to CF card
  • 24.00p for movie production
  • Wi-Fi remote control
  • Factory pre-installed Dual Pixel Auto Focus feature

Super 35mm-equivalent 16:9 large CMOS sensor

EOS C300

Modeled on the Super 35mm picture film standard, Canon's CMOS sensor has an active image size of 24.6 x 13.8mm. The image sensor utilizes an innovative readout technique that delivers full bandwidth individual RGB video components without the need for any debayering algorithms.

Modular design for mobility and expandability

Taking into account of various shooting scenarios, the EOS C300 can accommodate situations where every last inch of maneuverability counts. With day-long shooting comfort and usability in mind, different components can be added or removed as needed. It's also compatible with industry standard third-party accessories, so it can be easily rigged for studio, Steadicam, jib or just about any other configuration imaginable.

Highly compatible with movie production workflow

EOS C300

Seamless integration with NLEs is just the beginning of effective post-processing. Clean image quality; low S / N ratio; Canon Log Gamma for expanded dynamic range and file formats that hold up when multiple effects and colour corrections are applied. Robust enough for the big screen, but convenient enough for on-set review and tweaking.


Image Sensor

Number of Sensors
Effective Pixels 3840 x 2160 pixels Approx. 8.29 megapixels
Imaging Processor DIGIC DV III
Scanning System Progressive
Sensor Size 24.6 x 13.8mm
Effective screen size: 6.4 x 6.4µm pixel pitch
Sensor Type CMOS (single-panel), equivalent to Super 35mm
Filter RGB Primary Colour Filter (Bayer array)
Total Pixels 4206 x 2340 pixels Approx. 9.84 megapixels

Input / Output

Yes; BNC Connector
HDMI Yes (Type A)
Time Code In / Out Yes; BNC Connector (Input and output)
Headphone Jack Available; 3.5mm stereo mini-jack
Remote Terminal Available (Fully LANC compatible)
Adjustment range -1023 to +1023
Audio Input Terminal 2 - Balanced 3-pin XLR (Mic Level, Mic Level with phantom power and Line Level) 3.5mm Microphone terminal
HD / SD SDI Yes (With embedded audio)
HD: 4:2:2 (YCbCr) 1920 x 1080: 60i / 50i, 1280 x 720: 60p / 50p;
SD: 4:2:2 (YCbCr) 640 x 480: 60i / 50i BNC Connector, output only
NTSC 480i / PAL 576i: Compliant with SMTPE 259M
Embedded audio: Compliant with SMTPE 272M
Time code standard: (VITC / LTC) SMTPE 12M
Synch Out Yes; BNC Connector HD tri-level signal (HD Sync) HD-Y signals (HD-Y) Black Burst signal Composite

Lens System

Iris Ring
Iris Dial located on camera body for use with EOS EF lenses with electronic iris control
Interchangeable Lens System Choice of PL or EF mount camera bodies for compatibility with a wide variety of lens systems
Peripheral Illumination Correction Available (EF Mount only)
ND Filter Mechanical ND filter system with option of clear, 2 stops, 4 stops, and 6 stops


Autofocus System
Not available
Focus System Manual

Recording / Codec

File Format
MXF (OP-1a)
Maximum Clip Number 999 (per media)
Compression 8-bit MPEG-2 Long GOP
Colour Space 4:2:2 at 50Mbps recording
Signal System NTSC and PAL
Maximum Bit Rate 50Mbps (CBR)
Canon Log Gamma Available
Recording Options Mode
Frame Rate
50Mbps (CBR)
4:2:2 422P @ HL
1920 x 1080
59.94i / 29.97p / 23.98p
50i / 25p True 24 (24.00)
1280 x 720
59.94p / 29.97p / 23.98p
50p / 25p True 24 (24.00)
35Mbps (VBR)
4:2:0 MP @ HL
1920 x 1080
59.94i / 29.97p / 23.98p
50i / 25p
1280 x 720
59.94p / 29.97p / 23.98p
50p / 25p
25Mbps (CBR)
4:2:0 MP @ H14
1440 x 1080
59.94i / 29.97p / 23.98p
50i / 25p
Recording Time Card Capacity
Bit Rate
CF Card
5 minutes
5 minutes
10 minutes
10 minutes
10 minutes
10 minutes
20 minutes
25 minutes
40 minutes
40 minutes
55 minutes
80 minutes
80 minutes
110 minutes
155 minutes
160 minutes
225 minutes
310 minutes
Recording Media CF Card (Type 1 only); 2 slots (Movie files); UDMA supported
SD Card (Still Images, custom picture data*, clip metadata and menu settings)
SD / SDHC / SDXC supported; MMC cards are not supported
* Custom picture data and settings are not compatible with data from others Canon models

Features and Performance

Playback Functions
Inter-media copy (Single clip, all clips, last clip); Clip delete (Single clip, all clips, last clip)
Playback Index Displays: Index Display, Normal, "OK Mark" Index, "Check Mark" Index, "Shot Mark" Index, Expand Index, Photo Index
Still Image Playback Index, single playback, erasure, protect
Clip Playback Forward Search (x5, x15, x60), Reverse Search (x5, x15, x60), Forward Frame Advance, Reverse Frame Advance, Record Review, Clip Jump (Forward and backward), Skip Playback
Slow and Fast Motion Recording Mode
Playback rate
Record rate
1920 x 1080
29.97p / 23.98p / 24.00p
1 - 30
50i / 25p
1 - 25
1280 x 720
59.94p / 29.97p / 23.98p / 24.00p
1 - 60
50p / 25p
1920 x 1080
29.97p / 23.98p / 24.00p
1 - 30
50i / 25p
1280 x 720
59.94p / 29.97p / 23.98p / 24.00p
50p / 25p
1440 x 1080
29.97p / 23.98p
Special Recording Functions Relay Recording*; Double-Slot Recording**; Copying between Media
* Not available during slow motion 50Mbps recording
** Not available in combination with slow and fast motion recording
White Balance Presets Daylight (5,400K); Tungsten (3,200K); Kelvin White balance shift is available within Presets (-9 to +9)
Interval Record Available; Interval can be set in 25 levels ranging from 1 second to 10 minutes (1s / 2s / 3s / 4s / 5s / 6s / 7s / 8s / 9s / 10s / 15s / 20s / 30s / 40s / 50s / 1m / 2m / 3m / 4m / 5m / 6m / 7m / 8m / 9m / 10m)
NTSC 59.94i / 29.97p / 23.98p / 24.00p: Selectable between 1, 3, 6, 9 frames
NTSC 59.94p: Selectable between 2, 6, 12 frames
PAL 50i / 25p / 50p: Selectable between 2, 6, 12 frames
White Balance Available; 2,000K to 15,000K in 100K increments
Custom Display Yes; LCD panel and EVF information display can be customized Total of 27 display options can be turned on and off
Assign Buttons 15; Can be assigned functions as desired (30 functions available)
Colour Bars Colour bars compliant with SMPTE, EBU or ARIB standards can be selected
Waveform Monitor Available
Dynamic Range Up to 800% with Canon Log Gamma and ISO 850 (+2.5dB) and above * ISO 850 or above - gain 2.5dB or above
Scan Reverse When using a Depth of Field Converter or other lens adapters it flips or reverses the image automatically so it is recorded correctly
Frame Record NTSC 59.94i / 23.98p / 24.00p: Selectable between 1, 3, 6, 9 frames
NTSC 59.94p: Selectable between 2, 6, 12 frames
PAL 50i / 25p / 50p: Selectable between 2, 6, 12 frames
Time Code Drop Frame*(DF) and Non-Drop Frame (NDF) * Drop Frame works with NTSC models only and is not available in 24P
Custom Picture Settings 23 Custom Picture settings A total of 9 customized pictures are available in the camera and up to 20 can be saved to a SD card Custom Pictures CP7, CP8 and CP9 ship with the following preset C7: Video.C - Intended for recording media for playback on consumer TVs. The setting minimizes noise in the dark areas and improves contrast by tightening up on black C8: Cine.V - Suited for giving recorded media a film tone C9: Cine.F - Used for when recorded media will be transferred to film
Custom Functions Available, 9 total functions
Time Code Modes Regen, Record Run, Free Run and External Source Drop Frame and Non Drop Frame available
Exposure / Focus Aids Peaking (2 types), Zebra Pattern*, Magnify, Edge Monitor Focus Assist, Black and White Mode * Can be output via the SDI or HDMI Jack (HD Only)
Pre-Record Yes, 3 seconds cache (Audio and video)
Vectorscope Available
Photo Recording Available; Images captured to SD Card (1920 x 1080)

Exposure and Metering

Shutter Speed Range
59.94i / 59.94p: 1/60 to 1/2000 in 1/4 or 1/3 stops; SLS: 1/4, 1/8, 1/15, 1/30; CS: 59.94Hz - 250.70Hz
29.97p: 1/30 to 1/2000 in 1/4 or 1/3 stops; SLS: 1/4, 1/8, 1/15; CS: 29.97Hz - 250.70Hz
23.98p / 24p: 1/24 to 1/2000 in 1/4 or 1/3 stops; SLS: 1/3, 1/6, 1/12, 1/25; CS: 50.00Hz - 250.70Hz
50i / 50p: 1/50 to 1/2000 in 1/4 or 1/3 stops; SLS: 1/3, 1/6, 1/12, 1/25; CS: 50.00Hz - 250.70Hz
25p: 1/25 to 1/2000 in 1/4 or 1/3 stops; SLS: 1/3, 1/6, 1/12; CS: 25.00Hz - 250.70Hz
Shutter Angle Settings 59.94i / 59.94p: 360, 240, 216, 180, 120, 90, 60, 45, 30, 22.50, 15, 11.25
29.97p: 360, 240, 216, 180, 120, 108, 90, 60, 45, 30, 22.50, 15, 11.25
23.98p / 24p: 360, 345.6, 288, 240, 180, 172.8, 144, 120, 90, 86.40, 72, 60, 45, 30, 22.50, 15, 11.25
50i / 50p: 360, 300, 240, 180, 150, 120, 90, 60, 45, 30, 22.50, 15, 11.25
25p: 360, 300, 240, 180, 150, 120, 90, 75, 60, 45, 30, 22.50, 15, 11.25
Manual Gain Normal setting -6dB to 30dB
Shutter Modes OFF; Speed; Angle; Slow Shutter; Clear Scan
ISO 320 to 20000
Exposure Modes Manual


Compact Power Adapter
Power Terminal DC in on camera (No need for "Dummy Battery")
Battery BP-9 Series


Rotating 4-inch Wide Screen Colour LCD Display (1,230,000 dots) on detachable controller
Field of View Coverage 100%
Display Adjustments Brightness, Contrast, Colour, Sharpness and Backlight (Normal or bright)
Aspect Ratio 16:09


0.52-inch Colour (1,555,000 dots)
Viewing Angle Adjustment Available; Viewing angle can be adjusted up and down 60°
Field of View Coverage 100%
EVF Adjustments Brightness, Contrast, Colour and Backlight (Normal or bright)
Diopter Adjustment Range +2.0 to -5.5
Aspect Ratio 16:09


Phantom Power
Available; +48V
External Audio Inputs 2 - XLR inputs (Auto and manual level settings)
Recording Level Adjustment Range Infinity to +18dB
1KHz Tone Available; -12, -18 or -20dB
Recording Channel Selection Two Channel Recording
Recording Format Linear PCM; 2-Channel; 16-bit; 48kHz
XLR Mic Trimming Available; -12dB, -6dB, 0dB or +12dB
Built-in Microphone None
Headphone Adjustment 16 settings; volume is muted at lowest setting


Tripod Adapter
Canon TA-100
Wi-Fi Adapter Canon WFT-E6A
Tripod Adapter Base Canon TB-1


Time and Date
Automatic Calendar range January 1, 2010 through December 31, 2031 selectable in American, Japanese and European Date formats
Dimensions (W x H x D) Body + Thumb Rest Approx. 5.2 x 7.0 x 6.7in. (133 x 179 x 171mm) Body + Grip Approx. 6.9 x 7.0 x 6.7in. (174 x 179 x 171mm) Body + Monitor Unit Approx. 7.3 x 9.8 x 7.4in. (185 x 249 x 187mm) Body + Handle Unit + Monitor Unit Approx. 7.3 x 11.2 x 11.9in. (185 x 284 x 301mm)
World Clock World Clock support - UTC time setting: Setting range from +14:00 to -12:00
Temperature and Humidity Performance requirements: 0°C to 40°C, 85% (Relative humidity)
Operating requirements: -5°C to 45°C, 60% (Relative humidity)
Total Equipped Weight Approx. 5.6lb. (2520g)* Approx. 6.0lb. (2700g)** * Weight includes the grip, monitor unit, BP-955, 2x CF cards ** Weight includes the grip, monitor unit, Handle Unit, BP-955, 2x CF cards
Main Unit Weight Body: Approx. 3.2lb. (1430g)
Grip: Approx. 8.1oz.(230g)
Handle unit: Approx. 6.3oz. (180g)
Language Support English, Japanese, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Russian