Canon EOS C100 Body




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Versatile, compact storytelling

An affordable video production camera offering a unique combination of professional HD imaging, compact design and lens versatility, the user-friendly C100 is ideally configured for single person use.

  • 8.3MP Super 35mm CMOS sensor; Full HD
  • High sensitivity, low noise
  • 24Mbps AVCHD to SD cards
  • Automatic shooting functions
  • Interchangeable EF lenses
  • Canon Log Gamma
  • Compact, modular, lightweight
  • Professional audio
  • Seamless workflow integration
  • Factory pre-installed Dual Pixel Auto Focus feature


8.3MP Super 35mm CMOS sensor; Full HD

An 8.3MP Super 35mm CMOS sensor, designed and manufactured by Canon specifically for video capture, provides 3ch RGB processing for Full HD recording. It delivers superb high-resolution images with high sensitivity, low noise, reduced rolling shutter artefacts and shallow depth of field.

Canon Log Gamma

Built-in Canon Log Gamma gives neutral image quality with 12-stops of latitude (800% dynamic range) at a base setting of ISO 850. A Wide Dynamic Range option delivers footage with the same wide latitude but does not require grading.

Dual Pixel Auto Focus

Factory pre-installed Dual Pixel AF feature optimises AF capabilities of the camera by employing an upgrade to the CMOS sensor that holds an array of pixels, each featuring two photodiodes. This feature enables a new continuous auto-focusing mode as well as improving the speed and accuracy of the one-shot AF function. When Continuous AF is enabled, the outputs of the two photodiodes are compared continuously so that phase difference AF ensures speed, precision, reduced focus 'hunting', as well as smooth focus transitions even while the subject and / or camera is in motion.