DICAPAC WP-710 Waterproof Case

Rp 139.000
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Waterproof case for digital cameras are made of non-toxic materials(RoHS) and tested and qualified waterproof grade JIS IPX8 (Japaness Industrial Standard's highest waterproof grade).


  • Tested and passed upto 99ft underwater lab test, 65ft underwater actual test. Patented Products. Roll and Velcro Zipper system and allows full funtionality of camera controls also has superclear view material.
  • Directions to use : 1.Open the mouth of the case. 2. Put your camera into the case. 3. Zip the case and press. 4. Fold along the folded lines and stick the first velcro. 5. Close with second velcro. After use remove the water then take the camera out while keeping the mouth part in a downward position.

Technical Specs

This case fits for over 100 cameras from major brands upto sizes of 7.5" round X 4.0" width with inner zoom lens. Fitting model detailes can find from fitting guide.