SIRUI T-2004SK Aluminum Tripod

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SIRUI T-2004SK Aluminum Tripod

Travel Tripods

T-S Series Travel Tripods are designed to be light weight and portable. They are the perfect choice for your travel photography needs.

  • Accessory Connecting Port
  • Reversible Center Column
  • Interchangeable Tripod Feet
  • Retractable Two-Stage Center Column
  • Easily Converted to a Monopod
  • Compact 180° Folding Legs


  • Model:T-2004SK
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Compatible Ball Head:K-20X/G-20X/G21
  • Sections: 4
  • Tube Max Dia: 29.4mm/1.2inch
  • Tube Min Dia: 18.6mm/0.7inch
  • Min Hgt: 140mm/5.5inch
  • Max Hgt: 1070mm/42.1inch
  • Max Hgt Ext.: 1430mm/56.3inch
  • Retracted Height: 510mm/20.1inch
  • Folded Height: 400mm/15.7inch
  • Monopod Max Height: 1460mm/57.5inch
  • Monopod Min Height: 350mm/13.8inch
  • Weight: 2.0kg/4.4lb
  • Load: 15kg/33.1lb