SIRUI EN-2204 Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit K-20X

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SIRUI EN-2204 Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit K-20X

When you need a full-featured tripod that's designed to be used under a wide range of shooting situations, look no further than the SIRUI EN Series tripods. Based on the impressive features of the SIRUI N-X series - one of our most successful models - SIRUI EN series tripods incorporate SIRUI's advanced Flip Leg Lock System that makes setup and breakdown fast and easy. Simply open the leg locks and the legs smoothly slide open. Thanks to the use of Magnesium leg clamps (for added strength) and SIRUI's superior design, the flip locks provide a solid grip, enhanced stability and reliable performance.

SIRUI EN Series tripods have a unique leg mechanism that lets you to flip the legs up 180°. This allows the tripod to be folded significantly smaller than comparably sized tripods with conventional leg designs. And you can keep a ball head on the tripod and it will still fit in the compact case.

The split center column makes changing from the standard center column to the short center column fast and easy. By unscrewing the hanging hook from the bottom of the center column, the column separates and the short center column remains on the tripod, ready to take macro or low angle shots. Or, you can invert the center column and shoot from underneath the tripod. And with 3 leg angle positions, you can shoot on uneven terrain with ease.

For added versatility, one of the tripod legs can be converted into a monopod! Extremely convenient when tripods are not allowed or when you're shooting in tight spaces. And by attaching the larger section of the split center column onto the monopod leg, you can significantly increase the height of the monopod.

The tripod's rugged spider (the heart of any tripod) is forged aircraft grade aluminum and the legs are made from economical aluminum or lightweight 8 layer 100% Carbon Fiber, for maximum performance, stability and long life.


  1. Tripod leg converts to monopod. Center column can be attached for increased height
  2. Legs fold up 180° for extra compactness
  3. Lightweight 8 layer 100% Carbon Fiber for added strength, increased load capacity and vibration reduction
  4. The center column can be inverted for unusual low angle shots
  5. For speed and convenience, each leg has an automatic leg angle lock mechanism
  6. Short center column allows low angle or macro shooting
  7. 3 leg angle positions for uneven terrain
  8. Retractable spiked feet for outdoor photography
  9. Ball head can remain on the tripod and still fit in the case
  10. Flip lock leg locks for fast setup and breakdown.

Included in the box:

  • Tripod
  • split-center column
  • custom padded case
  • shoulder strap
  • tools
  • spring loaded hook
  • monopod kit (wrist strap, extra 1/2 ~ 3/8 tripod screw, extra platform)
  • instruction manual
  • warranty card.

Tripod specifications

  • Model: EN-2204
  • Material: Carbon
  • Sections: 4
  • Max Dia: 28mm/1.1inch
  • Min Dia: 19mm/0.7inch
  • Min Hgt: 145mm/5.7inch
  • Max Hgt: 1350mm/53.1inch
  • Max Hgt Ext.: 1620mm
  • Retracted H: 545mm/21.5inch
  • Folded H: 480mm/18.9inch
  • Monopod Max Height.: 1615mm/63.6inch
  • Monopod Min Height: 445mm/17.5inch
  • Weight: 1.52kg
  • Load: 15kg

Ballhead specifications

  • Model: K-20X
  • Diameter: 38
  • Height: 101mm
  • Weight: 0.43kg/0.9lb
  • Load: 25kg/55.1lb
  • Compatible With: 1/2 Series