Sirui AT-125 Carbon fibre Tripod+AT-10 Ballhead

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Sirui AT-125 Carbon fibre Tripod

Traveler X Compact Video Tripod KitTraveler X Compact Video Tripod Kit

Traditional video tripods tend to be large, heavy and complicated to use. SIRUI saw the need for a portable travel support solution and took the opportunity to introduce the compact Traveler X tripod kit.

Smooth Video Head

The small AT-10 two-way video head with an attached handle provides smooth and vibrant-free pan(360°) and tilt(±90°) movement while filming.

950g/2.09lbs Carry With Ease

The tripod is considered very lightweight to carry around, as the legs and center column are made of pure carbon fiber and the aluminum parts are hollowed out.

Quick Leg Setup

Instead of using several twist locks to adjust the length of each section, this tripod uses only one twist lock to get the job done.

Two-Section Detachable Center Column

Twist the upper part of the center column to get a short column section for ground-level shots.

Reversible Center Column

Flip the center column over for low-angle and macro shots.

Sirui AT-125 Carbon fibre Tripod

Reversible Center Column

Traveler X tripod kit

1/4" Screw Hole

Stabilizing Hook

Hang a backpack from the bottom of the column for added stability.

Anti-Twist Pins

The QR plate comes with anti-twist pins to lock the camera securely in place, eliminating the possibility of camera swiveling while filming.