TAKARA Rover 66

Rp 610.000
Shipping Weight: 1.90 kg per item
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TAKARA Rover 66

This tripod is made from a tripod that is aluminum and is able to support the weight of the camera up to 8 kg. This tripod has a maximum height of 1.6m, and a minimum height of only 56.5 cm. You can now comfortably take pictures or record your adventure situation with this tripod, without worrying about the size and weight of the tripod when traveling. Takara ROVER 66 can be folded up to 41cm so that it allows you to store a tripod with minimal use of space such as your travel bag or suitcase. Every purchase of this tripod also includes a tripod bag. Behind its small size, this tripod has strong and sturdy legs so it can support loads up to 8 kg. It is suitable for you New Entry level DSLR users with standard or Telephoto lenses.


Lightweight Tripod (Best lightweigth tripod)

Perfect Design and suitable for heavy duty

Support for all Cameras and Camcorders

Support for Vlogging / Traveling

Support for Lens Stand

Suitable too for Action Cameras and Smartphones (With Mount)

Rotating Pan Head

Pan Head can be removed

Perfect for Personal / Professional Photographers

Perfect for Indoor Studio / Outdoor Hunting & Traveling

Solid Aluminum Body

The built-in hanger so you can hang your tripod if you don't use it


Leg Section: 4th

Diameter: 23mm

Max height: 1600mm

Min height: 565mm

Folded length: 410mm

Weight: 1.49g

Max load: 8Kg

Panhead can be removed

Built UNC 1/4 Mounting Screw

1-Leg can be removed and use to be a monopod