EXCELL Vipod 300

Rp 493.000
In stock


Tripod with head model Fluid Pan Head.

Suitable for video cameras and panoramic photographers or photographers race that many need a panning.

Features A Tripod Vipod Excel Series:

  1. Fluid head smooth to do the panning photo/video smoothly without bogged down.
  2. Quick Release Plate, to install the camera with the tripod.
  3. Fluid head default can be replaced with other brand/type Head (bolt size head 3/8 ")
  4. Toe of the rubber can follow the slope of the floor surface, more flexible and scroll.
  5. There is a Hook in the middle column of the tripod to put up sand-bag/additional load (separate Sale).
  6. Reliable tripod for Video and photos at an affordable price.
  7. Includes a bag to carry it with practical.


  • Max Height : 166cm
  • Min Height : 63cm
  • Weight : 1.6kg
  • Max Load : 4kg

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