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  • Name:Telephoto Lens Support TLS-01
  • Model:TLS-01
  • Mount Thread: 1/4 inch
  • Lens Support Mount Thread: 1/4 inch
  • Dimensions(mm):135L x65W x35H
  • Weight (g): 290g
  • Material: 6061 T6

Sunway design and build this compact and flexible adjustable mount to support both camera body and long telephoto lenses. It features an extendable connector to easily change height and length between lens and DSLR body for perfect fit and balance.

Maximum Camera(Clamp) Mount Column Height: 68mm.
Maximum Length from Camera(Clamp) Mount Centre to Lens Support Mount Centre: 270mm.

Two points of support provide the extra stability needed to eliminate flex. This item can be configured for most camera & long lens combination.

Product features:
1, Can be used as an independent unit for simultaneously holding camera body and lens to prevent blur from
camera shake.

DT-02 Two-way head, DDC-50 Clamp, and TLS-01 long lens support work together:

2, Compact design and Aluminium construction ensures the support is both lightweight and strong.

3, Two points of support provide the extra stability needed to eliminate flex.
4, We design this telephoto lens support to meet all camera bady and lens when work with DPG-3016 rail.

XB-52 Ballhead, DPG-3016 Rail, DDC-50 Clamp, TLS-01 Long lens support work together:

5, Use 1/4 screw to mount a clamp onto the camera body mount platform, or use our DDT-53 or DDB-53 to clamp the dovetail of the platform for easier operation.

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