MARKINS TB-21 Tripod Base (Black)

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MARKINS TB-21 Tripod Base

The Markins Tripod Base TB-21 plate gives your NEW Gitzo Mountaineer Series 2 tripod additional stability and vibration dampening.
It is mounted between the ball head and the tripod base, eliminating the center column for closer to the ground shots and to further reduce weight
The base plate is machined in duraluminum, very nicely finished and hard anodized.
Comes with its own stem bolt and stem to allow use of the original Gitzo hook

The TB-21 and TB-30's are not only very useful in reducing vibration, they also add a personal touch to your tripod.

The TB-21 fits the Gitzo 6X tripods of the newest Series 2. models like GT2531 and GT2541 (for the "L" -version, please go for the TB-20).
If you have the older Gitzo Tripod series with a "0" at the end like the Series 2 models: GT2530, GT2540, GT2931, GT2941, GT2941L you might have a look at the Markins TB-20
However, in these new models, the O-ring of the tripod has to be removed and the Gitzo tube with hook is the one to attach, not the tube that comes in the Markins pack.
Weight: 4.2 oz / 120 grams including bolt and stem

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