MARKINS Q-Ball Q3i Emille with Quick Turn Knob Quick Shoe (Blue)

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MARKINS Q-Ball Q3i Emille with Quick Turn Knob Quick Shoe

  • All-in-one design with quickshoe
  • 30kg of load capacity, the best in its class
  • Improved anti-vibration and new replaceable quickshoe connection
  • The new Quick-Turn knob opens or closes by one turn (Patented Pending)
Three times faster operation

It only takes a single turn to open or close the quickshoe jaw. You will appreciate this fast open and close performance when you need to change the setup quickly, especially in cold weather or under urgent situation. 25% Stronger Shaft. The shaft is much more stronger than the previous generation. And, it is less prone to bending by shock or drop.

New Quickshoe Connection

The quickshoe connection of our previous generation 0-Balls was a semi-permanent style one using the high-strength Loctite. The new i-Type 0-Balls have a new style of quickshoe connection that can be easily replaced using a standard tool. Also, it will be even better to reduce vibration due to its increased contact areas. By adopting a square style socket, the new connection will be more effectivein preventing small movements. Our custom designed connecting bolt is esthetically more pleasing due to its surface processing.

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