SIRUI TY-60X Pro Quick Release Plate

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SIRUI TY-60X Quick Release Plates

When using long lens or heavy cameras, it is very important to make sure that there is a perfect fit between the camera and quick release plate. For that reason, SIRUI offers a selection of quick release plates for different types and models of cameras.

Standard SIRUI TY Series QR plates are designed with:

  1. Slide-stopping rubber mats to prevent the camera/lens from shifting when in the vertical position.
  2. Patented SIRUI safety lock design, that prevents your camera from accidentally sliding off of the head when you slightly loosen the Quick Release Clamp (to adjust the positioning of your equipment).
  3. Arca-compatibility
  4. Forged aluminum alloy for maximum strength

Note: Many SIRUI TY QR plates have red anti-twist stoppers that pop up to prevent the camera from slipping or twisting as you move the ball head or position your camera in a vertical position.

SIRUI TY-X Series QR plates
SIRUI TY-X Series QR plates have a special slot for use with today's popular camera straps - no need to remove the strap to attach the QR plate to the head.

SIRUI TY-LP Series QR plates
Long QR plate for telephoto lenses with a support foot.

SIRUI Camera Specific QR plates
SIRUI also offers a series of specialized QR plates that are camera model specific, for a perfect fit!

SIRUI TY-350 Telephoto Lens Support QR plates
These long QR plates provide support and stability when shooting with super telephoto lenses. The plate allows you to easily position the camera and lens on the head, so the weight is evenly distributed.