PROFOTO B10 plus

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Profoto B10

Big lights in small packages

Product number: 901163-EUR

One of the biggest issues you'll have when shooting on location happens before you even arrive; How much gear to take. Too much and you're weighed down by lights and cables - take too little and you might not be able to deliver the images you'd hoped for.

That's why Profoto created the B10 and the B10 Plus. In both, you'll get a big light in a small package. Depending on which you choose you'll get either five or ten times the power of a speedlight in a package that's no bigger than a large lens. Light and portable, both models easily fit into a camera bag, so you'll be able to create great light anywhere and everywhere. You'll also benefit from a continuous light built-in with a wide range of light output from bright to gentle - and the adjustable color temperature makes it easy to blend with the ambient light.

An extensive range of light shaping tools will expand your creative opportunities even further; you can choose any from the lightweight OCF family or select between over 120 light shaping tools available in the full Profoto range. The tools let you create any mood or feeling with light. So no matter what mood or feeling you want to create - you have the tools to make it happen.

You'll find a clean and minimal interface that makes The B10's easy to use straight from the box and the battery is quick and easy to switch in and out, and you can also charge it while it's in use. The stand adaptor can be removed so it can be mounted on both camera tripods and light stands.

You can trigger and control the B10 Plus from any Profoto Air Remote, or from the Profoto A1/A1X. Connect to the Profoto app and you can view and control all the settings from your smartphone screen, experience creative capture with your smartphone, and download all the latest upgrades.


  • Size and shape of a camera lens
  • Lightweight and cordless
  • Optional with the flash power of 10 speedlights (B10 Plus) or 5 speedlights (B10)
  • Continuous light with adjustable brightness and color temperature
  • Flexibility to set up on camera tripods or light stands
  • Compatibility with 120+ Profoto light shaping tools including the OCF range
  • Compatibility with all Profoto Air remotes, including the Profoto A1/A1X
  • Smart connectivity with the Profoto app


  • Product name : B10 AirTTL
  • Product number : 330191


  • Max energy : 250 Ws
  • Energy range : 10 f-stops (1.0-10)
  • Recycling time : 0.05-2s
  • Energy stability : 0.2 f-stops
  • F-stop @ 2m / 100 ISO
  • 22.7 with OCF Magnum reflector
  • 11.9 without reflector
  • TTL : Yes
  • HSS : Yes

Modeling light

  • Max output (lumens) : 2500 lm
  • Lamp type : LED
  • Dimming range (%) : 100-10%
  • Color temp (K) : Adjustable 3000-6500K (+-500K)
  • Color rendering (CRI) : 90-96

Wireless connectivity

  • Operating range
    • Sync and remote control 0.5-300 m (1.5-1000ft)
    • HSS and TTL: 0.5-100 m (1.5-330 ft)
  • Supported Air features
    • Flash sync
    • Remote control
    • TTL
    • High Speed Sync
  • Bluetooth : Yes
  • Supported Bluetooth features : Profoto app

Additional connections

  • Sync socket(s) : No
  • Firmware update : USB-C port for firmware upgrades


  • Input power supply: Li-Ion battery for B10
  • Battery capacity
    • Up to 400 full power flashes
    • Up to 75 minutes full continuous light
    • Battery charges in less than 90 minutes


  • User upgradeable firmware : Yes
  • Photocell/IR-slave and switch : Yes
  • Umbrella mount : Yes


  • Width : 11cm (4.3")
  • Length : 17.5cm (6.9")
  • Height : 10cm (3.9")
  • Weight : 1.5 kg / 3.3 lbs (including battery and stand adapter)