Phottix Premio Shoot-Through Umbrellas + Black Backing 85cm/33"

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Phottix Premio Shoot-Through Umbrellas Black Backing 85cm/33"


The new Premio series comes in shoot-through models with 85cm/33" sizes. The umbrellas feature heavy-duty construction, make with fiberglass spokes for cleaner catch-lights and enhanced durability that will stand up to the rigors of on location work as well as in the studio.

The locking mechanism has been completely redesigned, making it stronger and easier-to-use. After much research and testing the Premio series were created as a deeper umbrella with more flexibility – fitting the workflow and style of any photographer.

A black, reflective backing is available for the shoot-through models – helping to better control light spill, as well as putting up to 2 stops more light on target (sold seperately).

Note: Umbrella sold separately.

What's Included:

  • Phottix Premio Umbrella Black Backing
  • Carrying Bag