GODOX Umbrella Softbox With Grid SB-USW Octa 95cm

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GODOX Umbrella Softbox With Grid SB-USW Octa 95cm

This Godox 95cm Umbrella style Softbox is made of professional hardy reflective fabric which assists with precise colour temperature control. Its umbrella design makes it easy and fast to assemble and fold away as well as making it very portable and light in weight. This deep design octa softbox makes it perfect for fashion photography, portraits and medium to large sized product shots.


- Professional reflective fabric with precise color temperature is tailored elaborately, hard skeleton provides enough support for softbox.

- Two layers of soft cloth can make light more even, gentle, exquisite, suitable for many kinds of studio flash shooting.

- Silvery white umbrella skeleton design, convenient to fold and install, portable, easy to carry.

- With standard size Bowens mount, this high quality softbox fits right in any studio.

- A honeycomb grid is included, which is used on the softbox to control light spill and tighten the total coverage area. Fastener tape sewn around the sides, can be respectively fastened to the inner sides of the softbox.


- Brand: Godox
- Model: SB-USW95
- Type: Softbox Umbrella Frame with Grid
- Shape: Octagon
- Color: Black, Silver
- Aluminum Ring Adaptor
- Diameter: 95m