PHOTTIX Raja Oval Quick-Folding Softbox 50x120cm (20"x47")

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PHOTTIX Raja Oval Quick-Folding Softbox 50x120cm (20"x47")


The new Phottix Raja Oval 50x120cm Softbox has been specially designed with features to light groups of people or large areas. The wide size paired with scalloped edges spreads more light over a larger area with less fall off.

The Phottix Raja series features:

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Uses Phottix’s Heat resistant SL Tech material
  • Easy to assemble
  • Swappable speed rings for popular lighting brands
  • Travel Bag included

Like other models the Raja Oval has the Raja’s patented quick set-up design - opening like an umbrella and effortlessly locking into place. Included are the an inner baffle, outer diffuser, grid and zippered travel bag. An S-Mount speed ring is included and can be easily swapped out for Elinchrom, Balcar and Profoto-compatible Speed Rings (sold separately).

What’s Included:

  • Phottix Raja Oval Quick-Folding Softbox
  • S-mount
  • Inner baffle
  • Outer diffuser
  • Fabric grid
  • Carrying bag


82731 Phottix Raja Oval Quick-Folding softbox 50x120cm (20"x47")

Light Characteristic:

Light Loss (in stops)

Inner Diffuser Only: -0.2

Inner Diffuser and Outer Diffuser: -0.1

Grid Only: -0.3

1 x Diffuser and Grid: -0.9

2 x Diffuser and Grid: -1.8