PHOTTIX Lantern 65 Sofbox (65cm/25.6")

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PHOTTIX Lantern 65 Sofbox (65cm/25.6")

The Phottix Lantern Softbox Diffuser with Bowens Mount (65cm) - is an instant, omnidirectional softbox that spreads light evenly in every direction, perfect for indoor use. The spherical lantern softbox diffuses soft, feathered light as well as adding accent lighting in a large space, perfect for event photography or cinematography.

The Bowens mount makes the softbox compatible with many types of monolights and strobes, as well as several continuous lighting set-ups. Set up the softbox quickly with the built-in, durable, flexible fiberglass rods and the nylon diffuser cover. Photographers and videographers looking for new light modifiers will love the versatility of this softbox.

Phottix Lantern 65 Softbox (65cm/25.6") features:

• Offers soft light and omnidirectional lighting

• Easy set up: Set up in seconds by pushing the frame down and locking into place

• Bowens Mount : Supports flash speedlites, strobes, monolights, continuous lights and LEDs

• Quick Assembly: Constructed with lightweight foldable aluminum shaft, very convenient to set up and tear down.

What included:

Fiberglass frame with Bowens mount, softbox diffuser cover and carry bag

Phottix Lantern LED Softbox works with speedlites


Folded Dimensions: 180mm(dia) x 820mm (with Bowens mount)

Open Dimensions: 645mm(dia) x 555mm (with Bowens mount)

Weight: 1355g (with Bowens mount)

Color: White

Mount compatible: Bowens mount