GODOX SN-01 Snoot With Honeycomb Grid Bowens Mount Large

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GODOX Snoot With Honeycomb Grid SN-01

Godox SN-01 Bowens Mount Large Snoot with Honeycomb Grid is designed to create a spotlight effect with your Speedlite, creating special effects on your background or as an accent light. Use the snoot for an even narrower beam for special lighting effects. The grid can be removed and added (add for a more directional light). Suitable for professional controlling lighting source Flash Heads (Bowens mount).

Add some more precise control over where light falls on your subject and scene by using a Snoot with Honeycomb Grid from Godox on your light. This version is available with a Bowens S-type mount and the snoot will narrow the beam into a soft-edged circle. Additionally, the included grid will further limit the beam's spread.

Included items:

  • 1x Bowens Mount Large Snoot
  • 1x Honeycomb Grid

Note: Flash and Light Stand are not included.


  • Model: SN-01
  • Type: Large Snoot with Honeycomb Grid
  • Mount Type: Bowens Mount
  • Light Inlet Diameter: 9,8cm
  • Lamp Outlet Diameter: 6cm
  • Overall Combined Length: 23cm
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 145g
  • Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 9.9 x 6.05 x 5.3"