JJC JF-U1 3 in 1 Wireless Remote Control & Flash Trigger

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JJC JF-U1 3 in 1 Wireless Remote Control & Flash Trigger


The JF-U series 3-in-1 Wireless Flash Trigger & Remote Control is a versatile, reliable remote control kit that will trigger off-camera flash units and studio lights from up to 30meters / 100 feet away.

The JF-U series also provides the convenience of a wireless camera shutter release, ideal for photographing wildlife, and also for macro and close-up photos, where the slightest camera movement can ruin a picture.


Wired Remote Control (for DSLR camera with remote socket)

Wireless Remote Control (for DSLR camera with remote socket)

Wireless Flash Trigger (for camera speedlight or studio light)



Model JF-U1
Wireless Frequency System 433MHz
Operating Distance up to 30meters
Receiver includes 1/4"-20 tripod mount
Sync 1/250s
Channel 16 channels
Transmitter power 1x 23A battery
Receiver power 2x AAA battery
Weight Transmitter: 30g (without battery) Receiver: 42g (without battery)
Dimension Transmitter: 62.6x39.2x27.1mm Receiver: 79.9x37.8x33.2mm
Components Included JF-U Transmitter x1 pcs JF-U Receiver x1 pcs Studio Light Cable x1 pcs 3.5mm-6.3mm adapter x1 pcs AAA Alkaline Battery x2 pcs 23A Battery x1 pcs Manual x1 pcs
Material ABS
Warranty One year warranty
*Optional Shutter Release Cables for JF-G1P/JF-G2P is available (for the list please refer to Page 29)
JF-T/JF-U/JF-G Flash Trigger Compatible Flashgun Models
Canon 580EX II 580EX 540EZ 520EZ 430EX II
430EX 430EZ 420EX 420EZ 380EX
Nikon SB-900 SB-800 SB-600 SB-28 SB-27
SB-26 SB-25 SB-24 SB-700
Olympus FL-50R FL-50 FL-36R FL-36
Pentax AF-540 FGZ AF-360 FGZ AF-400 FT AF-240 FT AF-200FG
Sigma EF-530 DG Super EF-530 DG ST (for Nikon only) EF-500 DG Super EF-500 DG ST (for Nikon only) EF-430
Vivitar 285HV 283 DF-400MZ DF-340MZ
Metz 36AF 48AF 58AF
Bower SFD35C/N SFD728C/N SFD328C/N/O SFD680C/N SFD926OC/N/O
Phoenix DZBIS-112CII SmartFlash 99c/n
Other flash models with a trigger voltage of 12V or lower
*Optional JJC Shutter Release Cables for JF-U1,U2/JF-G1, G2/JF-G1S, G2S/JF-G1P, G2P
Cable-A replaces CANON RS-80N3
Cable-B replaces NIKON MC-30
Cable-C replaces CANON RS-60E3/PENTAX CS-205
Cable-D replaces PANASONIC DMW-RLS1
Cable-F replaces SONY RM-S1AM
Cable-F2 For SONY Cameras with Multi Interface
Cable-G replaces NIKON MC-DC1
Cable-H replaces SIGMA CR-11
Cable-I replaces SIGMA CR-21
Cable-I2 replaces SIGMA CR-31
Cable-J replaces OLYMPUS RM-UC1
Cable-K replaces FUJIFILM RR-80
Cable-M replaces NIKON MC-DC2
Cable-N replaces SAMSUNG SR2NX02
Cable-S replaces SONY RM-DR1
Cable-R replaces FUJIFILM RR-90
Cable-K2O Convert JJC K plug to O plug
Cable-K2R Convert JJC K plug to R plug