Phottix DSLR Flash Shoe Umbrella Holder Swivel Light Stand A2

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Umbrella Swivel US-A2

Quick Overview

Umbrella Swivel US-A2

Product Description

The redesigned Phottix US-A2 is an affordable umbrella swivel for off-camera-flash. Made from tough and durable quality aluminum alloy and fireproof PA66 plastic, the US-A2 is ready for any photographic situation. The ball head design is easy to adjust for fast on-scene lighting changes. With a 8mm locking umbrella mounting hole the US-A2 will accept most standard sized umbrellas. Included are a locking ring, plastic cold shoe for mounting flashes, and 5/8" to cold shoe adapter. The US-A2 3/4" female lug mounts to light stands. Umbrellas are great lighting modifers. Reflective or Shoot-through, umbrellas help create soft light and other special effects. They are ideal for portrait, interior and product photography.

Technical Specs

  • Load: 1500g
  • Weight: 105g
  • Height: 112mm
  • Max. Dia: 32mm