GODOX S2 Speedlite Bracket

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S2 Speedlite Bracket

The S2 speedlite bracket has been updated based on the original S type bracket. Adjustable to fit more speedlites and flashes, such as Godox V1 round head speedlite, V860I1 series, TT350 series. and outdoor flashes AD series like AD400Pro. AD200Pro.

Adjustable to fit various speedlites, easy to mount

Without moving the plastic blocks: Allowing users to mount various rectangular speedlites, such as V8601I Series, TT685 Series. TT350 Series. and AD200Pro Fresnel Head, etc.

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No pre-assembly or post disassembly

Mount speedlite vertically or horizontally

Mounts with light pressure - no touch-fasteners

Adjustable to fit most brands of speedlites

Allows use of studio light modifiers like softboxes

Umbrella input channel

Compatible with full-size flash heads such as the Godox AD400Pro