SK-Tech Diffuser Macro

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SK-Tech Diffuser Macro

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Material Comment Absorbtion* Scatter* Hotspot?*
Tissue Paper Easily sourced and cheap, a two or three ply tissue paper, any old rubbish brand, makes for lovely diffusion material, in studio or on diffuser. Cover with sheet of laminated plastic to protect on outside diffuser. Tends to have quite a warm tone; Kleenex works well (thicker density?) +++ ++++ No
Polystyrene Foam You can't always find it in the right shape or thickness but thin polystyrene is one of the nicer materials because of its beautiful scatter. Unlike paper-based materials it also tends towards a nice truer colder tone. ++++ +++++ No
Office Paper Yes you can use normal high grade paper, but it blocks a lot of light when it is not greased or oiled. Decent uniformity and scatter though. +++++ +++++ No
Loo Paper Not a world different to tissue paper but tends to be thinner so you might need to use a few more layers. Tissue paper is usually larger so easily to make a single diffuser out of - loo paper tends to come apart at the seams which is a tad annoying. Very warm tone. +++ +++ No
Translucent Milk Bottle Plastic Plastic milk cartons are obviously very easy to source and sturdy, but they transmit a lot of light and therefore generally show a hotspot. With these it can help to use black electrician's tape to make , and you can also sandpaper it to make it have a bit more scatter. + + Yes
Lee Diffusion Materials Available in differing grades but I've always found them still to show a hotspot. Also, expensive alternative to multiple sheets of tracing or vellum paper which more or less do the same thing. + ++ Yes