SIRUI CS100 LED Daylight

Rp 1.800.000

Garansi Service & Part 2 Tahun

PT. Abad Baru

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SIRUI 100W Series LED Monolight


With its constant output, universal Bowens mount, and high color accuracy, this compact LED monolight is perfect for portraits, products, commercials, interviews, short films, live streaming, and more.

Lightweight and Portable

These lights are designed to be compact and lightweight for various scenarios.

Tough and Durable

The light body is constructed with aluminum alloy for increased service life.

Two Control Methods

On-Board Control

A minimalist design with only two dials


Control via Bluetooth

using the SIRUI Light APP

Practical Lighting Effects
Realistic lighting effects with adjustable intensity and speed are handy for many scenarios

Impressive High output

The CS100 delivers an impressive 4,000 lux at 1m, while the CS100B boasts 3600 lux at 1m

Outstanding Color Accuracy

With high CRI and TLCI scores, these lights can reproduce reliable accurate colors

180° Tilting

The included grip enables 180° tilting of the light and is useful for handheld and fixed shooting

Universal Bowens Mount

The Bowens mount enables compatibility with a wide range of accessories and modifiers, adding even more versatility to this light

What’s In The Box

1x Light Body

1x Lamp Cover

1x Reflector

1x Power Cord