GODOX LD75R LED Video Light

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GODOX LD75R LED Video Light

Never stop breaking new ground, Godox pushes the panel series to the next level with powerful RGB LD75R, LD150R, and LD15ORS. The new LD series feature softness to light your scene a pretty way. Precise color control makes it easy to lift the ambiance of everything in the frame. With battery-powered option, you have more freedom to create for mobile projects. Full features with great flexibility, LD series seem to be an all-inclusive solution.

Light Everything Alive

LD panel light is a large source that delivers soft and even light without any hot spots. It's able to envelope a wide space in smooth glow that everything seems to come alive in scenes like filming, broadcasting, or any character presenting where the light could even reflect beautiful skin tones.

  • CRI 96
  • TLCI 97

Tell the Story by Color

Color in film can enhance the mood expression and makes us feel more immersive, such as red for passion, blue for isolation and so on. With LD series, you can be a visual artist, access to over 16.7 million colors to make the story told in your way.

Narrow Space Lighting

LD series offer the instant flexibility you need for fast changing projects. Featuring wide and flat shape they can easily fit into tight space for powerful illuminating.

Shape Light to Meet Your Vision

For any creation, shaping and controlling light is important. Softbox, honeycomb, barndoor compatible with the panel light give you simple but effective options to get softer, controllable light.

Flicker free Technology

High-quality and stable power performance assures a flick-free footage even in slowmotion video.

In The Box

  • Light Body 1x
  • Carry Case 1x
  • Power Cord 1x
  • Barndoors 1x
  • Adapter 1x

src : http://www.godox.com/EN/Products_Continuous_RGB_Pa...


  • Photometrics : 865.8 fc / 9320 Lux at 3.3' / 1 m
  • Color Temperature : 2500 to 8500K
  • Color Modes : Full RGB Tuning
  • Color Accuracy
    • Standard CRI 96
    • TLCI 97
  • Cooling System : Fan
  • Dimming : Yes, 0 to 100% (Continuous)
  • Display : LCD
  • Beam Angle : 60°
  • Fixture Dimensions : 17.4 x 16.1 x 4.2" / 441.0 x 410.0 x 107.5 mm