GODOX CL10 LED Webcasting Ambient Light

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GODOX CL10 LED Webcasting Ambient Light

CL-10 is a multi-color LED Webcasting Ambient Light, specially designed to meet your needs. With 36000 selectable colors and 39 special effect, it enables your studio to be fully dressed by customized lighting colors, deliver picturesque live-streaming for the audience, assist your career on webcasting with comparative ease and move forward to upper stage.

RGB Mode

The CL10's RGB mode with hue, saturation, and intensity control gives you access to a myriad of colors.

39 Special Effects

Built-in effects include RGB Cycle, Flash, Laser, Broken Bulb, TV, Candle, Fire, Fireworks, Police Car, Fire Truck, Ambulance, Music, and SOS.

Control Options

The CL10 comes with an IR wireless remote control and also offers an app for control from your smartphone.

Quiet Cooling

Passsive cooling is a real asset in sound-sensitive situations.

Power Options

The CL10 is USB-powered, so portability is no problem. Charge it from your computer or from an AC outlet with the included adapter.


  • CL10 LED Webcasting Ambient Light
  • Dismountable Base
  • USB Power Cable
  • Charger
  • Remote
  • Original packaging

src : http://www.godox.com/EN/Products_Continuous_LED_We...


  • LED Light Light : CL10
  • Power Supply : USB Power supply (5V/2A)
  • LED Light's Power : 10W
  • RGB Color : 0— 360°
  • 100% Max. Illumination(LUX) : a11100 (green light)
  • Beam Angle : 120°
  • Hue Range : 0-360°
  • Saturation Range : 0-100%
  • Wireless Control Modes : Smartphone APP/ Wireless Remote control (optional)
  • Wireless Control Distance : 15m
  • Light Effects Modes : 39
  • Temperature of Working Environment : -10° —40°C
  • Dimension : 192' 192*65mm
  • Weight : 270g