CASELL SL-60AI Build in Battery

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CASELL SL-60AI Build in Battery

LED lights that have a slim design and small size and are simple to use for smartphone use. This LED SL-made of 2835AI is made of LED Beads (30pcs 3200K and 30pcs 5600K).

Using a lamp makes the lighting softer. 10 levels of brightness control and 3 lighting models containing pure white, warm white, dual colors meet the needs of different environments. This lamp is equipped with a front clip and a rear clip. When using the front clip, adjusting the angle knob can rotate the light back up to 90°, the phone lens can also be fixed to the front clip.

This light can be fixed to the back of the clip-on phone to complete the lightning bolt. Highly efficient drive circuit and builder's constant current/voltage output make each LED bead so much better, the built-in 2000mAh polymer battery cells offer 2 hours of continuous illumination.


  • LED Quantity : 60pcs Led
  • Max Power : 4W
  • Input Voltage : 5V
  • Max Lighting : 250LUX
  • Include : dual color
  • Brightness Rate : 0-100%
  • Color Render Index : CRI>95
  • Build in 2000 Mah Battery