Phottix Juno Manual Hot Shoe Flash

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Phottix Juno Manual Hot Shoe Flash


Every photographer, like every photograph, is unique. While some embrace TTL and all the bells ans whistles advanced technology offers, many photographers are old school: Completely content in manual mode, with a camera, trigger, flash and meter. Phottis has focused on being cutting-edge with the newest and mostinnovative technologies. We focused this innovative mindset on a powerful yet easy-to-use manual hot shoe flash. TRhe result: The Phottix JUNO.



 Power : 4AA alkaline or Ni-MH batteries
 Modes : Ares II / Strato II Transmitter and Receiver Optical Slave
 GN : 58 (ISO 100, 105mm)
 Flash Coverage : 20-200mm (14mm with wide-angle diffuser
 Frequency :  2,5GHz
 Range :  up to 100m
 Channels :  16 channels
 Recycling Time  : 0.1 - 5s
 Color Temperature  : 5600K
 Head Adjustments : Vertical: 7"" to 90  : Horizontal: 0 to 360
 Unit Size : 190 x 75 x 53mm
 Unit weight : 380g (not including battery)