S&K Wide Angle Rubber Lens Hood 67mm

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S&K Wide Angle Rubber Lens Hood 67mm

Lens hood filter to the camera will improve the level of quality in your photographs and will save you time having to make corrections afterwards by getting rid of the degree of flare which can easily be noticed on the display screen of the camera.

The connection of a filter can furthermore help to preserve your lens in perfect condition, simply because it will defend the lens from bangs and knocks and also humidity. The rubber lens hood is collapsible and requires little room in your camera case when not required.

Due to it being black in colour it conveniently blends in with most cameras. Additionally, being manufactured out of rubber helps make it straightforward to fix on and off the camera.

Product features:

  • Stops light getting in from the side, so avoiding unwanted reflections and blur.
  • Lens hood protects the lens from rain and moisture.
  • Helps to protect the lens from knocks and other damage.
  • Removes flare, saves time computer editing later on.

S&K Wide Angle Rubber Lens Hood 67mm

Specs :
Compatible products Lenses from 24mm to 210mm focal length
Materials Rubber
Colour Black
Product Type Circular lens hood
Diameter mmm 67 mm
Manufacturer S&K

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