KIPON Canon EF Lens to Fujifilm GFX E Electronic Aperture Adapter (37014)

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KIPON Canon EF Lens to Fujifilm GFX E Electronic Aperture Adapter

Kipon is a registered trademark of camera lens adapters. Kipon adapters are recognized by photographic professionals all over the world. Kipon is dedicated to continues development and production of new exciting products.

Kipon EF-GFX E adapter is designed for the Fuji GFX Medium Format camera, allowing Canon EOS mount lenses to be mounted onto Fuji GFX Medium Format camera bodies. This adapter features you can control the lens aperture electronicallywith the adapter itself.

With KIPON EF-GFX E adapter, although the lens will fit physically, auto-focusing, and other functions will not work, only manual model will be available.


  1. Durable, high quality
  2. Made of Alum or Brass, with perfect surface finishing and super precise design
  3. Focus infinity feature is available for use with our camera adapterControl the lens aperture with adapter electronically


  • Brand: KIPON
  • Material: metal
  • Lens: Canon EOS
  • Camera body: Fuji GFX Medium Format
  • Origin: Shanghai, China
  • Manufacturer: Shanghai Transvision Photographic Equipment Co.,Ltd
  • Package Includes: 1x Brand New KIPON EF-GFX E Adapter
  • Instruction for EF-GFX E

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