LAOWA Magic Shift Converter (MSC) 1.4x

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LAOWA Magic Shift Converter (MSC) 1.4x


  • - Designed exclusively for Sony FE
  • - Compatible with Canon EF mount
  • - Only 1-stop aperture loss
  • - 1.4x magnification
  • - +/- 10mm Shift
  • - Converts 12mm to 17mm focal length
  • - Compact, weighs just 360g

Product Description

Convert Your Laowa 12mm f/2.8 Zero-D to A Wide Angle Shift Lens. Just Like Magic!A carefully designed and patented optical system in the adapter converts the Laowa 12mm f/2.8 Zero-D to a 17mm f/4 lens with shift capability without any vignetting. The adapter is designed to use with Canon EF mount lenses and Sony Full Frame E-mount cameras. It may also work with a selection of alternative ultra-wide angle lenses from other brands.Please note that it is best using the Laowa Magic Shift Converter with lenses with a separate manual aperture ring so that the aperture can be controlled. The Laowa MSC is fully manual, with no electrical communication so aperture will not be controlled in the camera body.The Laowa Magic Shift Converter 1.4x (LW-MSC) is an adapter specially designed to convert the Laowa 12mm f/2.8 Zero-D into a 17mm f/4 lens with +/-10mm shift capability and for use with the Sony full frame E-mount cameras. With the MSC, you can have absolute vertical lines rather than converging lines while shooting. This is a really great feature, especially useful in architecture and interior photography or videography.Laowa Magic Shift Converter (MSC) takes advantage of the short flange distance of mirrorless cameras and incorporated a patented optics system into the converter. The patented optical system in the MSC will enlarge the image circle of the 12mm f/2.8 Zero-D from 43.2mm to 60mm in diameter and convert it to 17mm. The camera can be rotated in a 360 full circle, allowing a quick switch between landscape and portrait framing or to change the shift direction.


Lens Construction: 5 element in 4 Groups
Focal Length Multiplier: Increase by 1.4x
Aperture Impact: Reduce by 1 Stop
Focus Mode: Manual
Dimension: 69.6 x 44.1mm
Weight: 360g
Mount: Canon EF to Sony E