LAOWA 12mm f/2.9 Zero-D Cine for Sony

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Laowa 12mm t/2.9 Zero-D Cine

The new 12mm lens is currently the widest t/2.9 lens that can cover sensor up to both full frame & vista vision size (wider than full frame), making it one of the ideal wide angle option for both professional cinema cameras and mirrorless cameras.


  • – Full Frame / Vista Vision coverage
  • – Close to zero distortion (Zero-D)
  • – 122 degrees AoV
  • – Super Compact
  • – EF / PL / E / RF mount available
  • – Step-up to 114mm for matte box installation

Suitable for both Large format & Super35 cameras

© Shao Wei

The image circle allows cinematographers to use not only on full frame sensors (Size = 43.14mm), but also able to fill the Vista Vision sensors on RED Monstro and the sensor on Arri Alexa LF (Size @ open-gate = 44.7mm) fully. The lens is also ideal for Super35-sized camera owners with the ultra-wide 17mm equivalent field of view and its future-proof decision when cinematographers need to upgrade to large format cameras.

Screengrabs © Alan Caudillo

Super compact & lightweight

This 12mm lens is extremely compact and lightweight despite of the extreme specifications. It measures 3.4” (87mm) long and weighs less than 1.5 lb (675g). It can be easily fitted onto any sorts of stabilizations system including handheld gimbals.

© Film Jams

Close-to-zero distortion

The optical distortion of ultra-wide angle lens will never be a nightmare for DoP. The distortion rate of good wide angle lenses in the market ranges from 2-4%. Venus Optics, however, are able to compress the distortion to a close-to-zero level. In fact, the ‘Zero-D’ claim had been validated by many existing Laowa lenses owners from all around the world.


Extremely close focusing distance

The lens able to focus at an extremely close focusing distance. It can focus anywhere from 7” away from sensor (<4” from front element) all the way to infinity. No diopter will be needed in this case. Wide angle lenses usually create a ‘flat’ image with very deep DOF but with this close focusing ability and a fast t-stop, Laowa 12mm is able to create some unique wide & shallow DOF look with pleasing bokeh.

Robust and professional cinema housing

Designed with standard 0.8 mod gears on both aperture and focusing rings for easy installation of follow-focus system. An extended 270° smooth focus throw is designed for accruate focus pulling. The entire enclosure of the lens is made up of aluminum alloy.

A 114mm step-ring is included in the package to expand the front diameter to fit with industry sized matte box. Venus Optics have tested with a number of matte boxes in the market and it is still free of vignetting on VV sensor with the matte box installed.

Robust and professional cinema housing

The lens comes with three different variants, PL, EF and E mount (Not inter-changeable). Shims with different thickness is also included for users to do flange calibration.

The complimentary watertight and crushproof Pelican hard case protects the the lenses from damage during travel.


  • Focal Length : 12mm
  • Stop Range : t/2.9 – 22
  • Angle of View : 122°
  • Format Compatibility : Full frame, VistaVision
  • Lens Structure 16 elements in 10 groups
  • Aperture Blades : 7
  • Min. shooting Distance : 18 cm
  • Outer Diameter : Step up to 114mm via step up ring included
  • Filter Thread : 95mm
  • Length : 87mm
  • Weight : 675g
  • Mounts : PL / EF / E / RF