PHOTTIX Extra Cable for Nikon N8 (17320)

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Phottix Extra Cable for Nikon (N8)

Product Description

Extendable spiral cable N8, connects compatible Phottix products to Nikon, Kodak and Fuji cameras. High quality cable for connecting Phottix products such as Cleon II, Plato and Strato Series Flash triggers to cameras.

  • Extendable to 1m
  • Durable material
  • Strong and wear resistant


Nikon - F5 /F6 /F100 /F90 /N90s(F90x) /D1 /D1H /D1X /D2 /D2H /D2Hs /D2X /D2Xs /D3 /D3s /D3X /D4 /D200 /D300 /D300S /D300X /D700 /D800 /D810