DAISEE Air Blower

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DAISEE Air Blower

Daisee Air Blower

Daisee’s patent, natural and environmentally- friendly rubber, resistant to both high and low temperatures, tear-proof.They are very powerful and easy to use, it has an air valve to prevent it from breating in dust and blows out a powerful stream of air to blow dust away, making cleaning lenses, cameras and filters a breeze.


  • Comes with Metal Air Nozzle to be more durable.
  • Easy to keep in bag for outdoor usage.
  • Rubber Bulb Capacity : 100ml
  • Weight : 58g
  • Maximum pressure : 15kPa


Do NOT store or leave in an environment exceeding 40℃. This cold cause a deformation.
Do NOT expose to solvents penetrating rubber or plastic. This could cause a deformation.
Do NOT apply sudden excessive pressure when could lock. If the valve does locl, applying additional force on the bulb could cause a malfunction. Just operate the metal nozzle to release the valve, and then use by the either function.