Thumbs Up EP-3S (Silver)

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Thumbs Up EP-3S

Available in Black, Silver and Steel Grey
For an introduction to our Thumbs Up grips and suggestions as to which model will suit you, see Thumbs Up - help.
Thumbs Up EP-3S is newly designed for 2012. The TU-EP-3S is CNC machined from solid brass billet, and a silicon rubber insert provides a cushion between the camera body and your Thumbs Up and extends across the full width of the Thumbs Up EP-3S. Available in Silver, Steel Grey or Black, all without visible logo.
Thumbs Up EP-3S will fit the following Leica M models: M9-P M9, M8-2, M8, M8U
The EP-3S is our longest thumb grip and allows those who prefer a grasp with their thumb in a more closed position the perfect alternative to the shorter EP-1S. The EP-1S is 15mm shorter.

Thumbs Up has been positively reviewed in Viewfinder(the journal of the Leica Historical Society of America) and Leica Fotografie International. Phil Askey of in his Leica M9 Hands-on Preview was also very impressed with Thumbs Up. The Luminous Landscape's Michael Reichmann describes Thumbs Up as "a purchase you won't regret for a second" in An M9 in Paris – A Field Review, and as "an invaluable and essential tool" on SteveHuff Photo. Our customers have also been enthusiastic (see our feedback page and

Thumbs Up EP-3S

Available in Silver, Steel Grey and Black
The Silicone Rubber Insert in now fully extended across the back of the Thumbs Up offering a firm mount on your Leica camera body. The camera body is extremely well protected and there is enhanced vibration damping. Our match Technical logos and model name are now found ebossed into the silcone rubber leaving the opposite side clear of lettering.
Thumbs Up EP-3S slightly wraps around the right side of the M9