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Match Technical Thumbs Up Hotshoe for Leica

Rp 120.000
Shipping Weight: 0.01 kg per item
In stock

Match Technical Thumbs Up Hotshoe for Leica

There exist many products out there that serve to improve various ergonomic shortcomings that shooters consider their cameras as having. Some are more useful than others, some perhaps so much so that using your camera without them just wouldn't feel right. The Match Technical Thumbs Up is such an accessory for Leica M (and other) bodies. Once you use it, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.

In a nutshell - the Thumbs Up is a solid, CNC-machined chunk of brass that comes in a variety of configurations and finishes, and slips into the hotshoe to provide a thumb rest and grip. It's probably fair to say that most digital M shooters (especially those with larger and heavier lenses) would prefer to have such a feature on their bodies, as the balance and grip of the camera... Could be better. With the Thumbs Up, you can securely grip the camera and hold it in any position, regardless of lens mounted (even the Noctilux) and do it single-handedly. Now imagine what it could do for your comfort, security and shooting technique when using both hands.

In many ways it's reminiscent of the film wind lever, which many of us hook our thumb on to act as a grip for the camera. But it's not ideal; it's narrow, uncomfortable and moves. The Thumbs Up is compatible with every M body released, film or digital - and designed to sit below the top deck and film wind lever! Furthermore, the rubber pad behind the circular cut-out can be trimmed to accommodate the flash sync port on older bodies.