KASE Magnetic Square Frame for 100 x 100

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Product Description

The Kase Armour Magnetic Frames add protection and speed when using 100×100 filters and is the perfect companion with Kase Wolverine 100mm series of filters. Kase Armour Magnetic Frames adds a magnetic metal frame to the outside of your existing filters. Providing further protection to the corners and overall filter and speed of magnetic filters. The frame simply snaps on and off to the front of the Kase Armour Holder, and can be stacked or locked in place using the Kase Armour Holder. Kase Armour Magnetic Frames can only be used with the Kase Armour Holder. Suitable for all filters which are 2mm thick.

  • Provides additional protection to existing filters.
  • Increased speed of use with magnetic frames.
  • Easy to use and set up.
  • Fits 100 x 100 x 2mm square filter
  • Perfect Partnership with Kase Wolverine 100mm series filters.
  • Dimensions : 110 x 110 x 3.8mm


1 x Kase Armour Magnetic 100 x 100mm Square Filter Frame