SIRUI HC50S Electronic Humidity Control Cabinet (50 Liter)

Rp 2.300.000

Garansi : 6 Tahun (3 Tahun Electronics)

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Why Choose the SIRUI Cabinet?

  • High humidity can cause irreversible damage to your photo and video gear, antiques, paintings, calligraphies, etc.
  • So what's the most reliable dehumidifying solution out there?
  • SIRUlis here to tell you the answer.

High-Performance Host

The SIRUIHC Series Cabinet features an automatic dehumidification system to preventthe contents of the cabinet from mildew, corrosion, deformation, etc.

Anti-Bacterial Coating

The interior is coated with Photocatalyst TI02, a special coating that makes the cabinet anti-bacterial, deodorizing, purifying, and mildew-proof.

Silent Running

The cabinet uses condensation to convert water molecules into droplets, which are then expelled from the cabinet. The entire process is silent and energy efficient.

LCD Digital Display

High-precision sensors are built into the cabinet, sending real-time temperature and humidity values to the digital display. The button control panelallows you to input specificinteriorconditions forstorage.

Humidity Level Maintenance

Controlsystem will maintain the relative humidity level forup to 24 hours afterthe power is shut off.

Excellent Build Quality

The exterior is constructed from welded cold-rolled steel and a tempered glass door,which features air-tight sealsto protect the cabinet' SContentsfrom exterior moisture and dust. The door comes with a lock to create a safe secure environmentforyourgear.

Attention To Detail

Adjustable shelves can be positioned depending on the size of items being stored.


  • Model : HC50S
  • Dimensions : 520 x 400 x 335 (mm)
  • Net weight : 9.5kg
  • Capacity : 50L

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