CASELL Dry Cabinet CL-50A (50 Liter)

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CASELL Dry Cabinet CL-50A

Dry Cabinet Casell CL-50A is used to store tools/electronic equipment such as cameras/other electronics while not in use, to keep it safe from the threat of moisture or heat that can cause mold or fogging on the lens or camera sensor. In addition to the camera, this Casell CL-50A Dry Cabinet also functions to store all important tools and documents as well as other valuable tools.

Dry Cabinet Casell CL-50A has a capacity of up to 50 liters, equipped with LED indicators & automatic controls that are very easy to operate.

Make sure to use Dry Cabinet Casell CL-50A to store and protect your valuables, especially electronics. Because the price is expensive, it is necessary to take care so that your electronic goods are always in prime condition when used.


  • Kapasitas : 50L
  • Input : 5V 2A DC
  • Internal Size : 28.8 x 29 x 53 cm
  • External Size : 29 x 32 x 60.5cm
  • Nett Weight : 9.1Kg
  • Gross Weight : 10.8Kg
  • LED : Yes
  • Dapat diisi hingga 2-3 kamera + 3-4 lensa + 1 flash
  • Berfungsi menyimpan kamera dan lensa atau produk lainnya
  • Dapat melindungi dari debu, jamur dan kelembaban

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