CASELL Dry Cabinet CL-21C (20 Liter)

Rp 825.000

Garansi 2 Tahun

Shipping Weight: 5.30 kg per item
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CASELL Dry Cabinet CL-21C

Casell Dry Cabinet CL-21C is a drybox product with a High Technology Humidifier to maintain humidity in the DryCabinet room. Equipped with Tempered glass so it is safe from impacts and scratches from the outside. In addition, the feet of the Drycabinet can be adjusted so that the laying position can be more even. Shelf position can be adjusted, according to needs. Electronic indicators allow humidity accuracy to be monitored and for humidity accuracy to approximately 3%.

With LED indicator & automatic control, this Casell Dry Cabinet is very easy to use. Set the humidity level on the side of the LED indicator, then wait for some time. After the indoor space has reached the right humidity, the machine will automatically shut down. As soon as the humidity changes, the engine will restart to get the proper humidity as the initial setting. More efficient & save electricity of course.

This Dry Cabinet has a capacity of 20 liters with Internal Size: 348 x 230 x 200 and External Size: 350 x 275 x 270. This drybox is more efficient and saves electricity, has an Electronically Controlled Dehumidifier to regulate humidity, with Humidity control range: 25 -60 percent RH and LED Screen (temperature and humidity).

  • Reduce Humidity
  • Protect your stored items from Dust and Dirt
  • Equipped with Padded Shelf Liners
  • Electronically Controlled Dehumidifier
  • Reduces Humidity
  • Protects Stored Items from Dust and Dirt
  • Adjustable Steel Shelf (CA-21C without Shelf)
  • Sealed, Locking Door with Handle
  • Adjusts Relative Humidity from 35-60%
  • Interior LED Lighting
  • Includes Multi-Voltage Power Supply
  • Includes Two Keys
  • Volume : 20 Liter
  • Internal Size : 348 x 230 x 200
  • External Size : 350 x 275 x 270
  • Weight: 5 kg


  • Volume : 20 Liter
  • Internal Size : 348 x 230 x 200
  • External Size : 350 x 275 x 270

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