AILITE GP5-40 Dry Cabinet 40L

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AILITE GP 5-40 Dry Cabinet 40L

Ailite Dry Cabinet GD-40L is a special tool or box that can be used for storage media for your photographic equipment such as camera body, lens, battery, filter, vertical grip, flash and many others. Dry Cabinet has a fairly compact dimension so that there is no space in the room and this device or container can be used continuously to keep valuables such as your photography equipment safe from mold or other damage.

Ailite Dry Cabinet GD-40L consists of several elements such as:

  • Electronic Dry Unit, functions to regulate the humidity of the storage space and adjust it according to usage needs
  • and Digital Hygrometer, which functions to determine the humidity in the cabinet / box room
  • TECOOLING electronic cooling technology, dehumidifying power of large, non-thermal effects

Humidity is the presentation of the amount of water in the air, humidity is usually related to temperature, the lower the temperature will generally increase the humidity value.

To store the camera device, usually the condition of the cabinet / box must be kept between 55% -45%. because the lens and camera body will be very sensitive to temperature, the more humid the air temperature is, the easier it will be to grow mold inside the camera or on the lens.To avoid the appearance of mold on your camera, lens and all your photographic devices, you should use Ailite Dry Cabinet GD- 40L

AILITE GD-40L has a capacity of 40 L, the dimensions are quite compact so it doesn't take up space on the room or table.

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