AILITE GP-150 Dry Cabinet 150L

Rp 4.830.000
Shipping Weight: 45.00 kg per item
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AILITE GP-150 Dry Cabinet 150L

Product characteristics

  1. distinctive appearance, structure, aesthetics.
  2. 4 mm steel reinforced glass, door frame on both sides carefully designed process, beautiful.
  3. automatic mute efficient dehumidifier, humidity sensor module imported the test of high sensitivity, high-frequency switching power supply of imports.
  4. power failure memory not because of power outages Ershi set the value of changes in humidity, high-precision digital control circuit design, precise control of humidity, wet-control accuracy of plus or minus 1%.
  5. using TECOOLING electronic refrigeration technology, dehumidifying power of large, non-thermal effects.

Note: The above is a conventional standard dehumidification, dehumidifier range of 20% - 60%, also according to customer requirements, controllable wet 5% - 60% adjustable.

Product Parameter

Outside dimensions(mm) In size(mm) Melting plot Total power Voltage Drawer
W425*D420*H980 W400*D390*H930 150L 32W 220V 50Hz 4